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Our Fees

At Mulcahy Smith Solicitors we believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly how much you are going to pay from the start.


Prices exclude VAT @ 20%

  Service                                                                  Cost

Simple Single Will                                                  £170 +VAT

Simple Mirror Wills                                                 £250 +VAT

Single Codicil                                                         £150 +VAT

Mirror Codicils                                                        £200 +VAT

Mirror Wills including Life Interest Trusts             £750 +VAT

Mirror Wills including Discretionary Trusts          £850 +VAT

Severance of Joint Tenancy                                 £100 +VAT

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Prices include VAT @ 20%

     Service                                      Costs                             Total (Inc VAT)

Single Lasting Power of              £360 + £82                       £442

Attorney, Finance or Health       Registration Fee

Both Lasting Powers of               £480 + £164                      £644

Attorney, Finance and Health    Registration Fee

Both Lasting Powers of              £720 + £328                     £1048

Attorney for a couple                 Registration Fee

Registration of an                       £300 + £82                        £382

 Enduring Power                         Registration Fee

 of Attorney

Fixed Fees for Straightforward Grant Applications, Deed and Property Tansactions

Prices include VAT @20%

     Service                                               Costs                              Total (Inc VAT)

Application for a Grant of                £780 + £273 Probate         £1053

Probate (no Inheritance Tax               Registry Court Fee

or investigation required) 

Application for a Grant of                £780 + £273 Probate         £1053

Letters of Admin (no Inheritance        Registry Court Fee

Tax or investigation required)

Registration of Deceased                                                            £120

Joint Proprietor

Deed of Renunciation                                                                  £240

Deed of Variation of                                                          From £300

a Will or Intestacy

Removal of a restriction                                                              £240

Assent of a Registered                  £420 + £45 Land                 £465

Freehold Title                                    Registry Fee *

Transfer of a Registered               £420 + £45 Land                 £465

Freehold Title                                   Registry Fee *

* Land Registry Fee is dependent upon the value of the property

Estate Administration

Our Personally adapted service means that you can benefit from as much or as little support as you need. Our aim is to make our charges fully transparent so that you are aware from the outset how much the work is likely to cost.

We offer a free initial consultation to determine what needs to be done, following which we will provide you with a quote for our charges.

The value of the estate to be administered does not necessarily affect the level of the charges. Matters which are likely to have an impact on charges are the volume and nature of investments held by the deceased, whether the deceased owned any assets in a foreign county, the number and residency of beneficiaries, any Inheritance Tax, any lifetime gifts, any Trusts issued and any disputes within the family.



 It is very difficult at the beginning of the matter to accurately estimate the amount of time it is going to take to administer an Estate, and therefore how much it is going to cost. However, to illustrate the likely costs involved, here is a guide to the work we will carry out and our fees based upon a straightforward Estate Administration comprising one property, three bank accounts and two beneficiaries.

Estate Registration

What we will do:

  • Arrange date of death valuations of the assets of the estate;

  • Ascertain the outstanding liabilities of the Estate at the date of death;

  • Notify beneficiaries of their entitlement under the Will and obtain identification for Anti-Money Laundering purposes;

  • Notify utility providers of death;

  • Complete the necessary forms for HMRC;

  • Submit the application to the Probate Court and dealing with any issues arising from the application;

  • Collect the assets of the Estate and reconciling the funds received;

  • Discharge outstanding liabilities;

  • Place Statutory Notices in a local newspaper and the London gazette if necessary;

  • Complete an Asset Search;

  • Arrange for property to be marketed for sale;

  • Finalise the Income Tax position of the deceased up to the date of death and for the period of administration;

  • Carry out bankruptcy searches on beneficiaries;

  • Pay legacies;

  • Distribute the Estate.


We anticipate that it would take between 6 and 15 hours to carry out the tasks necessary.

We charge an hourly rate of £275 excluding VAT @ 20%. Therefore the total estimated charges would be between £2,000 and £5,000.

The Probate Registry Court Fee is £273, each copy of the Grant, needed for each asset of the estate is £1.50, the cost of Bankruptcy Searches are £2 each. The cost of placing Statutory Notices, if required, is approximately £220

We also undertake an Asset Search at a cost of £185

If less time is spent on the tasks listed above, our charges will be less.

For Estates that are more complicated, for example if there is inheritance tax to pay, or trusts are involved, the charges will be higher but an estimate will be provided at the outset of the matter.

All information and figures found above are subject to change and therefore must not be considered as a standing quote of fees.

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